Dance Video

Rhythm is an essential element of life:
a network of relations between movement, sound, space and time.

During the summer of 2010 we went out in the city several times to places we like, to gather moving images for a dance video we have been thinking about. Back home, reviewing all the images we had collected, we found one which seemed special… something had happened without our having interfered with it: a case of serendipity. The improvisation is a quick response to the environment, even before it develops in front of the camera. The camera becomes a fisherman’s net, capturing unexpected moments, revealing an unusual space, without the use of tricks, nor special effects and yet is magical.

Concept: Carlos Bustamante and Raffaella Galdi
Dance improvisation: Raffaella Galdi
Video: Carlos Bustamante
Recorded in June 2010, in Berlin.
Produced by Carlos Bustamante and Raffaella Galdi.